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Name Jackass Forever
Genre Comedy/Action
Language English
Release Date February 1, 2022
Running time 1h 36m
Directed by Jeff Tremaine
Country United States
Budget $10 million

This is the joyous fourth installment in a series that has managed to transcend death and find the perfect balance between “Magic Mike XXL”, “Salo, the 120 Days of Sodom”, and “Salo, the 120 Days of Sodom”. Jeff Tremaine’s ” Jackass Forever” opens by a sequence that sets the stage for the movie magic that lies ahead. You know something bad and/or unbearably painful is coming down in the “Godzilla” parody. But it still evokes a childhood wonder and terror when you watch it unfold. The film’s greatest laugh is when someone reacts to an elaborate prank by saying, in all sincerity: “I knew that was going to happen!”

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Jackass Forever 1kmovies Review (2022)

The gag in this case is that the kaiju that terrorizes New York City is actually Chris Pontius’ flaccid penis. It is painted green and puppeteered on strings by Spike Jonze, and his legs are played by his wrinkled ball. They groan when they receive miniature rockets from Johnny Knoxville, and other cast members. It won’t be the most brutal torture Pontius inflicted on his junk, but this film is a preview of a work that combines nostalgia and shock. Sometimes I find it hard to take the beauty of the world.

For those who don’t know American history, or are living in ignorance of American history (a feat that would earn anyone a spot on Tremaine’s cast), “Jackass Forever”, the Knoxville Family Circus’s violent version of “don’t attempt this at home” entertainment has been brought to the big screen for the first time since 2010. The “getting the Gang Back Together Again” vibe is so strong that even new “Jackasss” fans might feel the warmth of catching up with old friends. Their antics, while still fresh and entertaining as they were on MTV’s early 2000s, are still able to trigger the same deep lizard-brain as before MTV. Santa Claus is still real and enjoying joy in the post-Logan Paul era.

“Jackass Forever” isn’t denial. But Tremaine refuses to allow age to tarnish the brand’s core essence. Everyone has grown older (and Ryan Dunn, a former mainstay of “Jackass”, has passed away), but nobody has grown up. Knoxville’s hair looks great in its natural silver. However, Tyler Durden’s abs are so tight that he needs prosthetics to pretend he is Bad Grandpa. Although Steve-O’s gravely spoken voice is now Nick Nolte-esque, it sounds exactly the same when he shouts that someone dropped a skateboard blade on his shins. Pontius, the Paul Rudd of this group, seems to be delighted at the possibility that his balls might dangle more than usual.

In a film that is essentially a documentary of its making, age is more of a blessing than a hindrance. Tremaine isn’t afraid to show the comic sadness that comes with watching 50-year old men electrocuted while they tap-dance in top hats or tails. But he doesn’t treat “Jackass Forever” with the same reverence that makes any streaming sequel or reboot feel like a waxed version of something we once loved. The film’s final scene, a simple milk vomit stunt which turns into a pyrotechnic show of its best, isn’t a goodbye. It seems that it is content with being more “Jackass.”

Jackass Forever is, on the other hand, more interested in saying hi. Tremaine allows for natural influxes of new blood without ever threatening Tremaine’s body of work. However, the bodies of new cast members are often in danger. Danger Ehren, a veteran who was the victim of an act PETA has already complained about), and Dave England are likely to be the most affected. However, Knoxville is the one that comes closest to death in a tradition that seeks to balance the group’s power dynamics. But rookies such as Zach Holmes and Sean “Poopies” McInerney are hazed in horrible ways. Both are shamed in their own ways. The former’s obesity is often used as a spectacle while the latter’s beta-male pastiness makes him the ideal target for Knoxville’s pranks. Although everyone is happy to be there it’s funny to see “Poopies” getting smacked in the head with a motorized shoe while his friends are laughing from the couch. It makes you wonder if people really only deserve the love they feel they deserve.

But Jackass has never tried to make anyone feel comfortable and that won’t change. Not when complete freedom from censorship has made the franchise’s biggest advantage over its legion on TikTok. Because it clearly values acceptance over cruelty, Jackass has survived through four presidential administrations. It is easy to hurt those you love. Why not have the best time possible?

Although these lunatics may not feel safe around one another, the sensitive men-children who made up a generation of JuddApatow comedies would love the (pig) senses of belonging Knoxville’s gang gives its members like a blood ritual. This sense of belonging is shared by both new and old cast members, but it is best expressed by “Dark Shark”, an ex-con who was traumatized by a spider prank and then gradually becomes part of the crew.

Rachel Wolfson, the first lady Jackass, is the only rookie to fail to make an impression. She breaks the glass ceiling and then tongue-kisses the jagged fragments. Although she’s a confident performer and fits in well with the group, Knoxville and Tremaine are confused by Wolfson’s use of someone without a scrotum. Wolfson’s only major gag is a cheap joke about plastic surgery. “Jackass,” while being viewed as a protest against late capitalism, as a way to salvage a bone of joy from America’s suburban sprawl, but it also stems back to the post-Fight Club moment when young men sought to destroy the world in ways that brought them closer together. If “Jackass”, was a product its time, then “Jackass Forever”, is also a product “Jackass’s” time. This is what makes it so sweet, but also what prevents Treimane’s genius from creating the galaxy-brain, “Fury Road”,-level reinvention for this franchise.

Despite the new failures and the familiar assortment of dud stunts (Wee Man being thrown onto a pile metal is a rather lame payoff for that musical chairs gag), “Jackass Forever” inevitably has a stronger emotional undercurrent than any previous series. It has always been beautiful to watch these guys act as if they will live forever. Faced with the reality of losing friends and a world that is fueled by a pandemic that makes it all too difficult to face death every day, Jackass Forever is all the more powerful for being made by people who know they won’t.

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